Body hair, don’t care!

Ahh, body hair! Sprouting hair in new places is one of the changes which happens during puberty.

Young people will begin to notice hair in funny places including their armpits and legs. Boys will also start to grow hair on their chest and sometimes on their abdomen, shoulders, back, hands and feet.

Both boys and girls will also see pubic hair begin to appear. Pubic hair is the term for hair which grows around the genital area. Pubic hair is a completely normal body feature and is there to protect the sensitive areas and openings of the male and female sexual organs.

Facial hair

Beards and moustaches may begin to grow on the face of boys. It appears soft and light at first before becoming darker and thicker. Some boys chose to shave their facial hair and some leave it to grow. Many girls may see they are developing facial hair during puberty too. It is usually unnoticeable. Some girls worry about their facial hair and may use a specialist hair removal product which can be used on the face.  

Body hair, don’t care!  

For many years, beauty advertising promoted the idea that women do not and should not have body hair, but its 2020 and finally we are starting to see a change in messaging.

Celebrities and influencers have been behind a change in the voice which promotes this new idea about female body hair which says that it is your body, your hair and therefore your choice! How fabulous.

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