Boobs or breast if we use the correct term, come in all shapes and sizes. Some girls worry about the size of their breast and think they are too big, or too small. Some girls worry about the shape of their nipples.

There is no one right way for boobs to be. Having one boob bigger than the other is perfectly natural. All boobs, whatever the size or the shape are amazing.

What are breast for?

The main purpose for breast are to produce milk for feeding babies if a women decides to have a child. Breast milk is a healthy source for food for new born babies.

Breast start to develop during puberty and they may feel uncomfortable during this time. The nipple area develops first and can be very tender. Some boys also start to develop breast too. During puberty the chest and nipple area may swell a little, this usually disappears once the puberty hormones have settled.

My sister says I should check my boobs. What am I checking them for and why?

Although breast cancer is very rare for young women. Developing new healthy habits as you grow up is a great idea. Checking your boobs, is about knowing your boobs, and understanding about your own body an what is normal for you. This is helpful because it would help you to spot any changes that happen to your body sooner.

You can learn how to check your boobs by watching this fab video from coppafeel.

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