Gender Identity

Gender identity is how a person feels and who they know them self to be when it comes to their gender. There are many different gender identities, including male, female, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary, agender and pangender. There are many more gender identities then we’ve listed.

Gender pronouns

Pronouns are the words we use in place of a noun. For example, instead of ‘man’, we use he/him/his, for ‘woman’, she/her/hers.

Gender neutral or gender inclusive pronouns (e.g. they/them/theirs) refer to pronouns that do not associate the individual with a gender of either male or female

It is important to not assume which gender pronoun someone uses. If you aren’t sure what pronoun someone uses just ask them!

Gender can be complex and people are defining themselves in new and different ways as we gain a deeper understanding of identities.

Some terms may mean different things to different people.

There are certain terms some people may not like to use or call themselves and some terms that they may like to use or call themselves.

 If you’re not sure what to call a person, it’s best to ask the person what they would like to be called.

 It is always up to us to decide how we identify, and how we express our gender.

However you identify deserves to be respected and supported.

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