Sex, Your Questions

Is everybody doing it?

The short answer is NO. The average age when people first have sex is 16, but you are not weird or odd if you wait until you are older, lots of people do.

Many teens feel an enormous amount of pressure to be in a relationship and it can be tough when your friends begin dating and you’re not. But you should not feel pressured. It’s important to have relationships when the time is right for you.

You should also never feel pressured to do anything sexual. It’s a really important decision to make and one you should feel ready for and not do because you think everybody else is doing it.

Take a look at this great video, it shows different peer pressure situations that many teens face, such as when friends are stealing, smoking, and getting it on with a partner and they pressure you to do the same.

When people close to your age try to influence you, it’s called peer pressure. A peer can be a friend, classmate, family member or anyone you hang out with.

Peers can pressure you to make the same decisions they do. Sometimes peers will pressure you to do something risky, against the law or that you don’t feel ready for.

Peer pressure is a normal part of growing up. Everyone feels peer pressure, even adults. It can be hard to know what’s the right decision to make when you feel peer pressure.

But remember – It’s your life and your choices. Make sure that the decisions you make are based on what you want—not what your peers want.

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