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More privacy please!

Part of growing up is about becoming independent and needing a bit more of your own space. We are not talking about moving out or anything, but a little privacy wouldn’t go a miss especially as you adjust to the changes which are happening to your growing body.

Sometimes parents, sisters, brothers and family members will need a reminder, if they are used to waltzing into the bathroom as you take a shower, they may not realise that you want a little bit more space and privacy now.

‘When I started puberty, I didn’t want to get undressed in front of others anymore. I was feeling a little embarrassed about the body changes that were happening. My parents and siblings teased me about it too. Sometimes I would feel really sensitive about it and would get upset but other times I would laugh it off. I had a chat with my mum about how it and we agreed new rules so I had more privacy at home’.