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TikTok star Laurie Elle shares her tips on how to deal with nasty comments and make the internet a better place.

Laurie Elle started sharing on social media when she was just fourteen years old, she now has almost 4 million followers and won PLT TikTok star of the year. A professional dancer from Manchester, Laurie shares 15-second clips of her dance creations and TikTok trends alongside fashion, beauty and lifestyle post. She is one of the most-followed UK creators on the social media app.

‘When I first started using social media, I spent most of my time on Instagram. I have always loved photography and had been taking photographs and printing them out for years. I think I was 9 when I first asked for a camera for Christmas.


i’ll do a tour of my new apartment on YT when it’s all finished 💃🏻 #outfitideas #fashionfavorites

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‘At that time I didn’t have that many followers, it was just family and maybe a few friends and so I didn’t have to deal with any nasty comments. But once my accounts grew and I started to use different platforms, like TikTok and YouTube, I saw a change’.

“I don’t let the nasty comments get to me at all.”

‘I would say that most of the time, I don’t let the nasty comments get to me at all. There are always more nice ones than bad and so I am never overwhelmed by them. I do think about why someone might write hurtful comments on someone’s picture or video and I think it says a lot more about them as a person than me. Especially when the nasty comment is from an adult’.

‘I am quite a resilient person, and if I spot that something someone has commented has got to me, more that I should have let it. I go and talk it out with someone, usually my mum or one of my friends.

‘If the comments are inappropriate, sexist of offensive then I remove them. I think you have to. I am aware that my following could see it and so I do what I can to make sure my feed is a safe and inviting space’,

‘That would be my tip to others too, use social media, but remember it is your space and so if people are leaving nasty or hurtful comments delete them, If it continues I would say block the person and report them too’.

For more help about how to deal with and report nasty or harmful comments online go to: thinkuknow.co.uk