Create your own gallery wall

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Gallery walls are everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram. They are the latest teen bedroom must-have, and they are super easy to make.

The motivational quotes and positive words can be great for reminding you how amazingly brilliant you are, so if your in need of a little morning kick ass. Here’s how you can make your own gallery wall in two easy steps:

Step one: choose your prints

When it comes to a gallery wall, anything goes, but deciding on a theme or style can be good. Do you want lots of colour? Are you more monochrome, simplistic and prefer greys, black and white? or maybe you want a mixture of the two? Whether its hand drawn, shop bought, or digitally designed you can find wall art everywhere to suit your vibe.

Why not try Canva a free digital platform that allows you to create your own fantastic art for free.

Step two: choose your frames

Frames are available in lots of shapes, sizes and colours. You can get them to fit all budgets. Good and affordable frames can be found in stores like Ikea and Wilkinsons.

Think about how your might hang the frames, are you allowed to nail picture hooks to the wall? If not you could try Velcro picture hanging strips. Picture hanging strips are adhesive strips that stick to the wall but can be removed without leaving any marks or damaging the surface beneath. 

Another idea is to look at some new and creative ways of displaying your favourite wall art like using blue tac, clipboards or bulldog clips. Whatever you do, we are sure it will look great, and we have including these 4 fab posters to get to started. Make sure you share a picture of your finished gallery wall with us , Tag @toughcookies.info

Download tough cookies FREE wall art posters here.

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