Being a good friend and what that really means.

Friendship is a really important part of growing up. And for many young people their friends are everything! But what is being a good friend all about and what would happen if your bestie was doing something risky or even dangerous?

Often friends are the first people that someone will go to with a problem, because there is a feeling or trust and the relationship makes people feel able to talk about their situation and know that it will be kept private.

But what if a friend is in an unhealthy relationship? Or is involved in something risky. They may share what is happening with and as a friend you may decide that you will need to break their confidentiality and tell a trusted adult.
This can be tricky for young people, as they know by telling their friend is likely to be upset, but it’s important to think about the bigger picture.

At Tough Cookies, we think it is super important to seek adult help when:
• Someone is sick or hurt
• When something unsafe is happening or has happened
• If someone is being bullied or is scared
• If there is a crime or
• When a problem feels too big to solve on your own.

Getting help, helping others

Across the country, in your local area and online there are 1000’s of amazing young people friendly services which have been set up specifically to support, help and advise teens.
From charities which help tackle period poverty, to online spaces like ChildLine and CEOP. There are local health clinics, youth workers, and places to talk in schools.

Most of these services are young people friendly (YPF) which usually means they work to make their services easier for you to access. They will be in places which are easier for you to get to, at times when you are more likely to attend and have staff that are trained to work with young people.

If you or a friend are in need or extra help, you can usually find a list if local young people friendly services on your local councils’ website, you can also ask a teacher or youth worker from school or youth club.

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